Customer Testimonials

We at Royal Prestige take a lot of pride in the happiness our products bring to our many customers. We would love to here from you!

"I started collecting Royal Prestige products when I was about 27. Having good quality China means a lot to me. Every Christmas, Grandma would dress up her table with her lovely China --it was obvious that she was very proud to be able to serve her family holiday meals on such fine dinnerware. I wanted that for my family. My grandmother has since passed away, but now I can experience the pride she felt when serving her family holiday meals on only the finest dinnerware. Thank you so much Royal Prestige for making my family holidays more special than ever."

Elaina Osterbur

"I am expressly writing this letter to thank you for the unbelievable, personable service & commitment you and your company have demonstrated to me over the past several months. Never did I dream that a company would go to the lengths that you have since my first email contact with you. I know that the service and dedication you have demonstrated will be rewarded 100 fold with satisfied customers through word of mouth. That is by far the best advertisement any company could obtain. You certainly have this customer who will for a life time highly recommend you to anyone needing your services."

Beverly W. Levitt

"Thank you Royal Prestige for such great china, crystal, tableware and service! It has truly been THEE most rewarding purchase of my life and I don't expect that anything could top it! (Except for the thrill of starting all over again with another pattern!) I wish your company continued success and in another ten years I'll be getting my daughters started so stick around because I've got four! Many, many thanks and good wishes to your organization and all those who work within to put forth your fantastic products!"

Julia Stehlin-Alzadjali

"It had been close to twenty years when I acquired "Field Song" and wanted to add more pieces. Only about a year ago, I contacted Royal Prestige and you were able to get more pieces for me. I will forever be in debt to you for all your assistance and perseverance. I now have a service for twelve and all the serving pieces. I would so strongly recommend your services and I think Royal Prestige Brides is quite fortunate to have such dedicated, God loving employees. Best wishes for all your future endeavors."

Mary Jo Jolley

"I would like to comment on the Royal Prestige products that I have used and enjoyed since 1987. The products are exceptional, I have had no problems with anything and if I do I know without a doubt that the company will take care of it. I can't say enough about how pleased I have been the past 14 years with the products, the company and my "correspondent", as I call her, for the company. I would recommend these products to anyone without hesitation, with my highest stamp of approval."

Jacquie Golza

"I would like to make known the excellent and personalized service I have received from Royal Prestige. My rep has patiently worked with me over the years in an effort to help me obtain the china, crystal, and cookware of my choice. I have also been more than pleased with your products, which I first purchased over 10 years ago. I plan to make many additional purchases from her in the future and have told many others about your products and services."

D. Kay Allison, RN, CS, FNP, GNP

"I bought my cookware in 1983. I remember thinking after the demonstration how expensive I thought it was, but when I consider how long ago it was that I bought them, I know I made the right decision. I've had the same cookware for 18 years, while friends have replaced numerous sets. I wouldn't be surprised if my son and his wife inherit them some day. Thanks to Royal Prestige for my wonderful cookware, china, crystal. But thanks mostly for the good service I've had from you through the years."

Wendy Davies

"Could you send me some literature on the current Royal Prestige Cookware? I have had my set since 1972. Still love it. I have a daughter who is getting married and I would like to investigate currently available cookware products!"

Ruth D.

"Please call regarding interest in cookware set. We have had many pieces of Royal Prestige for 20 years and are thinking of adding to it!"

Clyde and Kathryn F.

"I have had my cookware for over 10 years and love it, but my adoring husband broke the handle on our 2 qt. saucepan. I have also lost a couple of the vent screws on the lids over the years. Can you give me replacement cost information? (THE HANDLE AND SCREWS WERE REPLACED FOR FREE!)"

Tracy K.

"I purchased my 'pots and pans' over 24 years ago. Can you please let me know about additional products?"

Shelly M.

"My husband and I ordered some of your cookware when we got married. We would now like to buy some additional pieces. Could you please send me a new brochure with an updated price list?!"

Renee P.

"My fiance and I purchased pans from you while you were in Sioux Falls, SD. I work for the State of South Dakota as a Nutritional Assistant. I teach low-income families nutrition and how to cook. I deal with many different pots and pans everyday and figured out that I love the Royal Prestige pans! My fiance loves them as well. He is always making meat and potatoes in them, especially the Liquid Core Skillet. I find that the oil in the bottom of the skillet works so much better than the skillets you buy in the store with the coils. We love them; we have had no problems with them! "

Julie S. and Andrew J.

"I purchased a 14-pc. Health System Cookware set back in 1992 and love it! I'm interested in adding some pieces to it. Could you please send me a brochure and pricing information?"

Tracy T.

"In 1984 I purchased the cookware set and I still really like it! I use it everyday and it still looks like new! Just checking to see if you could get me an owner's manual for my cookware? I seem to have misplaced it, and if you could help me with, I would really appreciate it. I am also interested in updating my collection of this fine cookware, so any other info would be great also. "

Cathy V.

"Two years ago my wife and I accepted an invitation to attend a presentation that promised a free vacation, just for attending. We decided to attend, stay for a few minutes, and then take the free offer and bail. We nearly walked right out the door when we learned that this was all about cookware; I mean give me a break! Cookware! We wanted that free vacation, so we decided to hang in there and listen to what the presenter had to say... and after five minutes into his presentation, we were glued to our seats. I am a sales manager and I know a good product line and a good salesperson when I see one. Well, that night my wife and I witnessed both. My wife and I kept a straight face, upon hearing how much the cookware cost, and it took all our effort to do so. When all was said and done, we purchased one of the complete cookware sets on the spot, took our free vacation and left. I remember driving back home and my wife asking me if I had buyer's guilt and I replied, 'ask me that after we use the cookware'. Well, I am here to say, that after two years of using our Royal Prestige cookware (literally everyday that we cook), I have absolutely no buyer's guilt what so ever. In fact, the only guilt my wife and I would have had, would be if we had decided not to purchase our Royal Prestige cookware that night, two years ago. My wife is a vegetarian, (thank God not a wacko one), and she loves how the cookware allows her to cook her vegetables to perfection in minutes using little water. I love eggs benedict, and the egg poacher rack when used with the skillet, works so perfect that my cholesterol level is probably in the triple digit range. Our Royal Prestige cookware has performed just like you say it will, and we continue to be amazed at how versatile it is, every time we cook with it. I will never forget when the sales rep looked out at all of us in the room and said, 'here is my sales pitch to you: I mean not to offend anyone, but you would have to be foolish not to buy this cookware'. I thought to myself, at the time, 'what a bold statement'. Reflecting back at what he said, two years later, he couldn't have been more right. The irony of this whole story is that we walked away from that presentation, two years ago, more excited about buying this expensive cookware than we were about the free vacation! In closing, we are proud Royal Prestige customers (for life) and will continue to encourage anyone; we cook for, to make an investment in this fine product line."

Brad and Rhonda G.

"I am probably one of your most satisfied customers in the state of Michigan. In 1982, I invested in Royal Prestige Products. I was 22 years old and living in Minneapolis, MN. Back then I earned a meager salary and my family and friends thought I was crazy for purchasing them. I have been more than pleased with my stemware, the stainless steel tableware and especially the cookware. The stemware is too delicate for everyday use, but the other products are used daily (still) and I can honestly say that Royal Prestige has proven to be one of my most rewarding investments. My products and I will be celebrating our 20th anniversary next September."

Marie R.

"My fiance and I attended the china/cookware showing your company hosted on October 29, 2000 in Dayton, Ohio. We must admit that, like many couples in the past, we were somewhat skeptical about winning a free trip. From the moment we walked into the room, we were warmly greeted and felt very comfortable and at ease. The presenter explained the importance of selecting fine china, crystal flatware and our favorite, the cookware. We also took a particular liking to the Black Diva water goblets that come with the china that we will be receiving. We were very amazed at the video revealing the problems that go unnoticed using bargain store cookware. After being disgusted by the thought of digesting chemical particles, we were sold! We were also surprised and pleased to find that there were many starter packages to choose from when selecting our cookware package. The payment plan makes it easy for us to continue saving for our wedding, while eating much healthier. We want to thank you for opening our minds up to a better way of life!"

Toyette H. and Stephen S.

"I wanted to take this time to show my appreciation for the many things that your company has done for my fiancé and me. About three weeks ago, my wife received a phone message that said she had been selected for a free honeymoon package. We called the number back the following day to see exactly what it was that we had coming. After talking to the young woman on the phone, we decided to attend the seminar. We went into the hotel very skeptical and ready to not purchase anything. Many people had told us to 'not get suckered into anything'. After arriving home that night, we called our parents and told them jokingly, 'we had signed our lives away'. Of course, this was not the case. I was very unsure about what to think when we first arrived. The rep greeted at the door and was very friendly and was inside talking with some of the other couples. My first impression was that he was too excited about something that there was no need to be excited about. As he began to show us the cookware, we were very impressed. It looked awesome, the food was terrific, the warranty was amazing and after he held a pot over my head to show how the lids would stay on when turned upside down, I was sold. The only problem that she and I could see was the cost. I have the wonderful blessing of being in the ministry. This is one of the only occupations in the world that you get into for other reasons than money. I do not make a lot and was having a hard time seeing how we could justify paying so much for cookware. After talking with him after the seminar, he told us about the different ways to purchase what we wanted, but didn't push us to do something that we were uncomfortable with. This is something you don't see on a regular basis when it comes to salesmen. With my wife still in school, we were able to put it on a smaller financing plan that would help tremendously until she graduated and began to work. Everything was so painless and easy. We are very satisfied with the cookware we purchased. I am beginning to see now that we didn't just buy some pots and pans, but we make a very smart investment. I cooked some steak in the stovetop skillet for the first time a few nights ago and again I was sold on Royal Prestige! The added bonus of receiving a couple's vacation package made the investment even more worthwhile. It is going to allow my wife and I to go to a lot nicer place for the honeymoon than where we were planning on going. The sales team were wonderful. They made you feel comfortable and didn't push any of the merchandise. They knew that it would sell itself. I will be recommending Royal Prestige items to any one who has a kitchen. Thank you again for working with us and allowing us to become part of the Royal Prestige family."

Rev. Joshua M.

"We have had your cookware for 15 years and say THANK YOU for the excellent service and how much we have enjoyed your product."

Rosemary and Alex S.

"...I want to say a great big 'THANK YOU' for being such a tremendous, honest business of such integrity! Last week I received my BRAND NEW PAN! A replacement. When it arrived I was excited! Opening it up was like Christmas! It's a bit different in style than the other ones we ordered back in 1982, but they are all so beautiful, and I love to use them and show them off! It is some of the very finest cookery that one could possibly want! Just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your business and your merchandise!"

Mrs. LaVonne P.

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